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GlobalFoundries + fielddrive: Event Check-ins, Simplified and Supercharged

Since 2017, GlobalFoundries and fielddrive have teamed up on 15 events, each welcoming around 500 attendees. The dedication to innovation and efficiency shared by the two companies has completely transformed the event attendee experience, making it more seamless, enjoyable, and value-rich for everyone involved. 

About GlobalFoundries

GlobalFoundries (NASDAQ: GFS) is one of the largest semiconductor manufacturers in the world and has an unwavering commitment to developing bleeding-edge process technology solutions for high-growth markets. With 200+ customers and 100+ partners around the globe, GlobalFoundries is a truly global entity offering industry-leading design, development, and fabrication services to a wide range of markets, from smart mobile devices and IoT to aerospace and defense. GlobalFoundries, with innovation and collaboration as its guiding principles, is enabling its customers and partners to create exciting products with world-altering capabilities.



Key Offering

Semiconductor Manufacturing


Event badge printing at GlobalFoundries event

The Challenge

While GlobalFoundries is a leader in their field, they saw opportunities to enhance their event check-in process to create more streamlined experiences for their attendees:

  • Vendor Inconsistency: Using multiple vendors led to a variety of processes and technologies being in the mix at the same time, which sometimes resulted in a less cohesive experience for attendees and a lot of frustration for the onsite staff.
  • Customization: GlobalFoundries were looking to fully brand their events and offer personalized experiences for attendees, which required more customizable check-in solutions.
  • Manual Processes: Traditional registration methods required a lot of manual work which made the check-in process longer than desired and increased the potential for minor errors.
  • Scalability: As GlobalFoundries' events changed in size over the years, they needed a solution that could easily scale to accommodate any number of attendees without increasing wait times.

The Partnership

Enter fielddrive. The partnership between fielddrive and GlobalFoundries kicked off in 2017 and has been going strong ever since. Right from the start, fielddrive's industry-leading solutions and reliable services made a huge impact on GlobalFoundries' events.

Todd Voorhees, Global Events Marketing, GlobalFoundries, emphasized, “fielddrive is the only current and relevant memory of how we've managed registration in a professional sense.”

The Solution

fielddrive deployed its advanced event-tech solutions for GlobalFoundries' events, elevating their check-in processes:

Streamlined Check-ins 

fielddrive's state-of-the-art tech slashed wait times and eliminated long lines. 

"fielddrive's technology holds up against everyone’s during peak conditions, which is really where the technology shows its value."
Todd Voorhees
Global Events Marketing
Todd Voorhees

Attendees could check in quickly and efficiently, which significantly improved their first impression of the event.

“fielddrive's technology allows any attendee of any badge type to come up to any kiosk and be treated the same at those environments that is extremely efficient.” Todd praised. 

Customizable Kiosks

To align with GlobalFoundries' branding and provide a more professional touch to the check-in experience, fielddrive provided customizable kiosks. These sleek devices were easy to set up and brand to fit seamlessly with the event’s theme.

Kenzie Call, Manager, Global Events, GlobalFoundries, shared, “The kiosks... we could customize the different panels on there. It just looked really sharp and they're easy to use.”

On-demand Custom Badging

Printing customized badges on demand was a game-changer for GlobalFoundries. It not only improved efficiency but also ensured that each attendee received a personalized badge, improving their overall event journey.

Approximately 95% of attendees have received their badges through this system over the course of 15 events that fielddrive and GlobalFoundries have worked on so far.

Todd added, “The ability to print badges on demand for different attendee types is incredibly efficient and provides a customized experience for everyone.”

Real-Time Data Integration

Seamless integration with GlobalFoundries' existing systems and various third-party software allowed for real-time updates and data synchronization.

“The real-time data integration has been a game-changer for us,” noted Kenzie. “We can keep track of everything as it happens, making our events run even smoother.”

Badge printers for GlobalFoundries events

The Results

fielddrive's solutions had an immediate and significant impact:

Increased Efficiency

With fielddrive's streamlined check-in process, GlobalFoundries' events ran like clockwork. The reduction in wait times was apparent, and attendees could check in without hassle.

"Our events have never run so smoothly. The efficiency of the registration process has set a new standard for us," Todd highlighted.

Enhanced Attendee Experience

Attendees were wowed by the quick and seamless check-in experience. The personalized badges and professional setup made them feel valued as well.

"The feedback from our attendees has been overwhelmingly positive," said Kenzie. "They appreciate the efficiency and the personalized touch."

Consistent Branding

Customizable kiosks and badges ensured each event maintained a polished and professional look, consistent with GlobalFoundries' brand.

Todd mentioned, "The ability to customize the kiosks and badges to fit our branding has been fantastic. It adds a level of professionalism that attendees notice."

Improved Data Management

Real-time data integration allowed GlobalFoundries to manage and analyze attendee information more effectively.

Kenzie emphasized, "Having real-time data at our fingertips has been invaluable. It allows us to make informed decisions on the spot and ensures everything runs smoothly."

Cost Savings

By streamlining the process and reducing manual labor, fielddrive also helped GlobalFoundries save costs.

Todd noted, "fielddrive's technology has not only improved our registration process but also helped us save on costs. It's a win-win situation."

The Long-Term Partnership

The partnership between GlobalFoundries and fielddrive is rock-solid, built on trust, reliability, and a personal touch. Together, fielddrive and GlobalFoundries have organized events around the globe:

fielddrive and GlobalFoundries events around the globe

Here’s what makes this partnership shine:

Dependable Service: fielddrive has been the go-to for everything check-in-related.

Strong Relationships: Personal connections have been a cornerstone of the partnership between GlobalFoundries and fielddrive. The collaboration extends beyond just business; it's built on genuine relationships formed over years of working closely together.

This level of personal engagement has fostered a deep trust and understanding between the teams, ensuring smooth operations and mutual support.

Working on events often means long hours and high-pressure situations, and having a reliable partner who understands your needs can make all the difference. The camaraderie built over shared experiences has strengthened the partnership, making it more resilient and effective.

Innovation and Flexibility: fielddrive's innovative solutions have consistently delivered results. Todd expressed, “fielddrive has incredibly efficient technology.”

Kenzie added, “fielddrive's ability to adapt and customize really stands out. We’ve never had any significant issues, and when minor hiccups did occur, they were resolved quickly and efficiently.”


fielddrive’s top-notch technology and unwavering support have revolutionized GlobalFoundries’ event registration process. Tackling major challenges and delivering seamless solutions, fielddrive has helped GlobalFoundries pull off successful, well-organized events time and again.

This long-term partnership is a testament to how the right technology and a reliable partner can elevate the event experience.


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