March 21, 2024

How Can Event-Tech Contribute to Security at In-Person Events?


Join our discussion on the latest technologies for event organizers to ensure maximum security at in-person events. This discussion is best suited for: Event planners & organizers, Security consultants & professionals, and Stakeholders in the events industry.

Event-Tech Contribute to Security at In-Person

About this session

As the events industry continues to shift and grow, there are growing concerns around securing visitor flows at in-person events. From attendee data security and privacy to access control, there are countless potential security concerns that event organizers need to pay close attention to. With events becoming increasingly tech-reliant, there is a great opportunity for organizers to host safer and more privacy-conscious events by leveraging cutting-edge technologies.

Join us on our latest webinar, 'How can Event-Tech Contribute to Security at In-Person' where we will explore the various approaches and technologies that event organizers can employ to address security concerns at in-person events.

Key takeaways from this webinar

✨ Understanding the growing need for security at in-person events

✨ Assessing organizational concerns

✨ Navigating security challenges

✨ Addressing privacy considerations to make for on-site events

✨ Exploring relevant event-tech solutions you can immediately apply.

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