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No matter the size and no matter the type, fielddrive's cutting-edge event tech solutions are designed to help corporations organize exciting and high-engagement events.

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Discover why corporations love our event tech solutions:

In-depth badge customization allowing attendees to express themselves 

With fielddrive's robust badge designing and printing solution, the only real limitation is your imagination. fielddrive allows corporations to design highly personalized badges that reflect their messaging while also serving as an excellent networking tool for attendees by turning them into conversation starters.
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lightning-fast badge  printing
live comprehensive badge customization

Lightning-fast check-ins to facilitate better attendee engagement

Turn your venue entry points into well-oiled machines with fielddrive's superfast check-in kiosks. Our kiosks are designed for maximum speed and efficiency and let attendees choose their own check-in journeys by providing various check-in methods such as QR/barcode scanning, manual name selection, and facial recognition.

Custom platform integration to ensure minimal backend disruption 

fielddrive offers integrations with various third-party and custom event registration platforms and backend software such as CRM. It allows corporations to keep working the toolset that they're familiar with. fielddrive also offers end-to-end data management, thus making in-depth event data analysis possible.

Sustainable badge printing

Corporate Event Toolkit

comprehensive data collection & reporting

Custom Platform Integrations

Integrate with your pre-existing infrastructure with ease.

comprehensive data collection & reporting

High-engagement Custom Badge Printing

Turn your badges into conversation starters with fielddrive.

comprehensive data collection & reporting

Facial Recognition-enabled Check-in Kiosks

Your face is your ticket, so don't forget to smile!


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What features can I explore in the free trial?

We offer a full feature free trial. No strings attached.

How is your badging sustainable?

Our on-demand badge printing process reduces waste from preprinted badges and no-shows. The badges are made out of recyclable and biodegradable paper. No silicone, glue, PVC, or reinforcing plastics.

What happens if an attendee doesn't want to check in with facial recognition?

The attendee can check-in using methods like QR code scanning, barcode scanning, or lookup their name.


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