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How fielddrive Improved Event Check-Ins and Badging for Burger King UK

Burger King UK, a major player in the fast-food industry, faced challenges managing attendee registrations and check-ins for their events. With around 550 restaurants and numerous franchise partners, their annual event saw significant attendance, which caused several logistical issues during check-ins. In 2023, they partnered with fielddrive to improve the check-in process and attendee experience for their 2024 event.

About Burger King UK

Burger King UK is the master franchisee for Burger King in the UK. With about 533 restaurants nationwide, 266 of which are directly owned and operated (as per 2022 statistics), Burger King UK is the third most recognized quick-service restaurant chain in the country. Their events gather managers from different franchisees, along with suppliers and partners, which brings their total attendee count to about 550-600 attendees per event.



Key Offering

Quick-service restaurant


~ 4,600
Kiosk-based check-in at Burger King UK's event

The Challenge

Before partnering with fielddrive, Burger King UK faced several issues with their manual badging system:

  1. Slow Badge Distribution: Before teaming up with fielddrive, Burger King UK used to print out their badges in advance and sort them alphabetically at the venue, causing delays as staff manually located and distributed the badges to the attendees.
  2. Check-in Point Congestion: Attendees used to arrive at events in waves, which further stressed the check-in and badge distribution process, causing long lines and bottlenecks at the entry points.
  3. Manual Attendance Tracking: Burger King UK also struggled with manually tracking event attendance, which was time-consuming and prone to errors.

The Goals

Burger King UK aimed to:

  1. Speed Up Badge Distribution: Reduce the time taken to distribute badges and avoid manual errors.
  2. Enhance Attendee Experience: Cut down wait times and make the check-in process smoother.
  3. Automate Attendance Tracking: Use a system to automatically track check-ins for accurate reporting.

The Solution

fielddrive introduced a kiosk-based check-in and registration system that allowed attendees to check into the event easily. Here’s how fielddrive's technology addressed Burger King UK's challenges:

On-demand Badge Printing

fielddrive's industry-leading kiosks supercharged the check-in process. They allowed attendees to check themselves in by scanning their IDs at the kiosks and getting their badges printed in merely seconds, thus eliminating the need for pre-printed badges and manual badge searches during check-ins.

Real-Time Analytics

Real-time analytics provided immediate insights into attendee check-ins, helping Burger King UK track attendance without manual work.

Seamless Onsite Experience

fielddrive's onsite team handled the setup and breakdown of the kiosks, making the entire process much easier for the Burger King UK staff. The branded kiosks and badges looked exceptional and were perfectly aligned with Burger King’s event branding.

Self check in machine at Burger King UK's event

The Results

Working with fielddrive brought big improvements for Burger King UK:

  1. Faster Check-ins: The automated system reduced check-in time, preventing long lines and improving the attendee experience.
  2. Accurate Attendance Tracking: Real-time tracking gave precise data on attendees, helping with better event management and reporting.
  3. Attendee Satisfaction: The kiosks' sleek design and ease of use received positive feedback from attendees and organizers alike.

Nick Hollis from Burger King UK said, "The kiosks worked well and looked great. They made the check-in process smooth and efficient, a big improvement from our previous events."

The Future Outlook

Because of the success of their first event with fielddrive, Burger King UK plans to continue using our services for their future events. With potential growth in attendance numbers, fielddrive's scalable onsite solutions ensure that Burger King UK can manage their events smoothly, no matter the size.


fielddrive’s innovative solutions transformed the event check-in process for Burger King UK, making it faster and more user-friendly. By solving key issues and improving the attendee experience, fielddrive has become a valuable partner for Burger King UK’s event management needs.


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