May 24, 2024

fielddrive's Seamless Self-Check-In Solution Elevates Attendee Experience at SportAccord 2024

fielddrive and Wiz-Team joined forces for SportAccord 2024 and delivered stellar results by enhancing and elevating attendee experiences, from registration to check-in and beyond. Learn all about the partnership in this blog post.

Self-check-in kiosks at SportAccord 2024

At the prestigious SportAccord 2024 World Sport & Business Summit in Birmingham, fielddrive took center stage, showcasing the future of event technology with its cutting-edge self-check-in kiosk solution. Through a strategic partnership with Wiz-Team, fielddrive's innovative technology seamlessly integrated with Event-Works, Wiz-Team's event management platform, delivering a radically improved attendee experience that redefined efficiency, security, and personalization. 

This powerful collaboration set new standards for the events industry, demonstrating how seamless integration and advanced solutions can transform events into amazing experiences.

Enhancing Efficiency and Security from the Start

Attendees using self-check-in kiosks at SportAccord 2024
via SportAccord 2024

In partnership with the Official Event Management System Supplier for SportAccord 2024, namely Wiz-team, fielddrive's self-check-in kiosks were a game-changer, providing a frictionless and secure check-in process for 1,700+ attendees. From the moment participants stepped onsite, they were greeted by our innovative event technology solution, which streamlined the attendee flow and queue management.

"It's fast and secure. Even at peak times, we never saw any delegates queuing to receive their badges. Event management technology has definitely advanced rapidly over these past few years – never before have we had such a smooth access solution for SportAccord. We are grateful to fielddrive and Wiz-Team for having provided technology of the highest standard to our event." - Martin Gibbs, SportAccord Managing Director.

Seamless Integration for a Personalized Experience

The power of fielddrive's self-check-in kiosks was amplified by its integration with Wiz-Team's Event-Works platform. This integration ensured real-time data synchronization, accurate attendee information, and enhanced security through advanced verification features like QR code scanning and ID matching.

"Integrating our self-check-in kiosk solution with Wiz-Team provides event organizers the best of both worlds. It combines our innovative, secure, and automated check-in workflows with the power and flexibility of a configurable event management platform. Together, we deliver a delightful attendee journey based on speed and innovative tech, all while providing event organizers with operational peace of mind and incredible brand enhancement." Pascal Lagadec, VP Sales and Business Development at fielddrive, explained.

Streamlining On-Site Operations and Personalization

Fielddrive self-check-in kiosk with attendee checking in
via SportAccord 2024

Our event technology solution not only streamlined check-ins but also contributed to the smooth execution of SportAccord 2024 by enabling real-time reporting and analytics. Organizers could monitor check-in statistics, attendance numbers, and participant flow, allowing for quick decision-making and adjustments as needed.

Furthermore, the integration with Wiz-Team's Event-Works platform facilitated personalized communications and customized agendas for each participant through the custom-branded SportAccord app. Attendees could easily navigate the event, connect with others, and stay informed about sessions and activities, enhancing their overall experience.

A Powerful Partnership Shaping the Future of Events

"The guest and event participant experience is demanding a more frictionless experience from technology. Effortless, easy, cost-effective, secure, and sleek are some of the buzzwords we are hearing from our current and future clients, and we are pleased to offer them just that through our partnership with fielddrive!" Danielle Lopez, Head of Business Development at Wiz-Team, notes.

The success of SportAccord 2024 highlights the transformative impact of fielddrive's event technology solutions and the power of its partnership with Wiz-Team. Together, they are setting a new benchmark for the events industry, delivering integrated, impactful solutions that elevate the participant experience.

SportAccord attendees using Fielddrive self-check-in kiosks
via SportAccord 2024

SportAccord attendees using Fielddrive self-check-in kiosks

As fielddrive continues to innovate and develop cutting-edge technologies, it remains dedicated to providing solutions that enhance efficiency, security, and personalization in event management. The partnership with Wiz-Team is a testament to this commitment, ensuring that events run smoothly and leave a lasting positive impression on attendees.

With a focus on delivering exceptional experiences, fielddrive is paving the way for the future of events, where technology seamlessly integrates with event management platforms, providing a frictionless and personalized journey for participants from start to finish.

About fielddrive

fielddrive is a pioneering force in the event technology industry, dedicated to transforming how events are experienced and managed. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, fielddrive develops cutting-edge solutions that streamline operations, enhance security, and deliver exceptional attendee experiences.

At the heart of fielddrive's offerings lies its cutting-edge self-check-in kiosk solution, leveraging advanced technologies like QR code scanning and facial recognition for secure and efficient check-ins. Being vendor agnostic, fielddrive provides integrations with a host of third-party, and custom, events platforms. It offers flexibility to the organizers, enabling them to create a custom ecosystem for their event management needs.


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